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Texas country artist, Adrian Johnston, is releasing her first single, after 2.5 years, on June 11, 2021. "Morning Person" is the first tune off a new seven-song project set to release later this year. Johnston and husband, Waine Close, are also expecting their first child October 2021. A busy year ahead!

Produced by Ken Tondre, Blue Bench Recording Studio in Austin, TX, “Morning Person” was penned by Lacy Green and Jessica Dorn (Nashville). This project was recorded during the silence of the pandemic, in the hills of Austin, with some of the top musicians in the business.

Johnston has been part of the Texas Country industry longer than most realize; her career most recently released a single and music video (with over 50k views) “Honky Tonk Wife” in 2019 after her marriage to Waine Close in 2018; but before that she has had a streak of top 25 singles; duet with Jordon Issac "Damn, I Want a Love Like That" hitting 22, “Adult Beverages,” went to 22 as well; Johnston achieved her first Top 15 radio single, “Rather Have You,” (written by Johnston and producer Zac Maloy) in 2017. Beginning the long haul of achieving a successful music career in 2014 she debuted her single, “Just Another Blonde,” and introduced a sassy-spit-fire of a woman determined on making a name for herself. Following that momentum, she released a self-titled EP that achieved Top 200 iTunes album status, and released the single “Avalanche” in 2015 (#21). As a “New Female Vocalist of the Year” nominee, Johnston showed off her chops by launching her third, and most heartfelt single, “It’s A Song” (#36) in September 2015. In the wake of such success, she is partnered with producer Zac Maloy and released her sophomore EP, IT TAKES TIME that was a roaring success.

“It truly makes me pause in awe to look back on my career almost 10 years later and see these achievements; I feel grateful for the opportunities I have had in this industry. Having had the time to sit in the quiet and reflect on my career so far, it’s been a fulfilling moment to see what all those sleepless nights on the road have accomplished. This past year has been a very different time for all musicians, and I really took this time to focus on the music again; something we don’t have time to do when we are on the road 24/7 going from show to show. I’m more excited than ever to release this next phase of music, because I really feel like we took this project back to my roots and to the sounds that shaped me as an artist.”

Johnston’s first release from this new project, produced by Ken Tondre, Blue Bench Recording Studio in Austin, TX, is “Morning Person” penned by Lacy Green and Jessica Dorn (Nashville). This project was recorded during the silence of the pandemic, in the hills of Austin, with some of the top musicians in the business.

“Recording during a pandemic was what all of our hearts needed. I spent a lot of time writing via Zoom’s and by myself, and when we finally got into the studio, at the end of the weirdest year, to start this project we all felt the magic and the hope the music gave us. The team and the group of musicians that played on this record are not only the best in the business, but some people I have worked with on and off for almost 10 years. They have seen me grow up in this industry, and to have those “full-circle” moments with them was truly such a special time that made me feel whole again.’

“Morning Person” is the first single of a seven-song project that is set to release in it’s entirety later this year. “Morning Person” will be released on all digital music platforms Friday, June 11, 2021. On a personal note, Johnston is also due with her and husband Waine Close’s first baby, due October 2021; busy year ahead!

In her career, Johnston has made a name for herself on the live music circuit, Johnston “and the boys” have worked with multiple Texas artists like Randy Rogers, Josh Abbott, Jack Ingram, Zane Williams, Turnpike Troubadours, Reckless Kelly, Johnny Cooper, Mark McKinney, Mockingbird Sun and more.

Johnston also came up with the idea for “GRITS: Girls Raised in Texas,” an all-girl acoustic tour where everyone drinks wine, tells stories and just hangs with their girlfriends. Taking her favorite downtime activity of hanging out on her patio with a drink in hand to the stage, Kaitlin Butts, The Rankin Twins, Kylie Rae Harris, Charla Corn, Sarah Hobbs and Holly Tucker and so many more have all joined in on the fun.

What has Johnston been up to the past 2.5 years?

The Honky Tonk Wife picked up her city life and moved to East Texas with new husband Close after their Brides of North Texas featured Southern Ranch wedding. When not on tour, Johnston opened multiple businesses in their new hometown of Jefferson, Texas; SHEALITY Women's Clothing Boutique and AirB&B short-term rental "The She Shack" are their latest ventures that have kept them busy during the pandemic, when life on the road slowed down.

"I never saw myself living in a small town running two small businesses, but when life slowed down this past year, these businesses were the only thing making me get out of bed everyday. Life on the road is fast paced, and always busy; without it I was feeling lost. Thankfully both our small businesses survived the pandemic, and are thriving, keeping us busier than ever!"

Johnston is taking phone-interviews, FaceTime interviews and Zoom interviews during this time. To schedule an interview please email

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