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The incredibly talented, Mr. Aaron Watson

There are somethings that when you give your word, you simply don't go back on. But, there are sometimes when you see things that will absolutely change your mind. The first time I saw Aaron Watson, my initial impression was that he came off pretentious and a touch obnoxious. He was always appreciative of his fans, but just had a really odd, if not eccentric way of showing it.

Aaron Watson smiling for the camera

I really don't know what happened, but this time, there was a different and more personable feel to the whole experience. After talking with him before the show, there are three things that above all are important to him.


They are in order: his family, his fans and his music.


Some of the fans that got to meet him asked about his music and he smiled and answered their questions without hesitation. After the green room was almost emptied, I asked him how his family was. He stopped dead in his tracks, looked me dead in the eyes and gave me a goofy looking grin and said “Man, they are great. Thanks for asking!” It was really easy to see that they are everything to him.

The one thing that simply has not changed with Aaron,

is his incredible talent. Both Aaron and his band can pull off a Texas waltz that could make the legendary Bob Wills himself proud and then pull a rocking number out that will just blow you away! He’s also not the least bit ashamed to admit that he is proud and very thankful for those that defend us. Before he plays his hit “Raise Your Bottle”, he dedicates it to his father and everyone else that has made the sacrifice. Every bit of proceeds that he raises off of that song goes to the Boot Campaign.

BOTTOM LINE: The neat part of an Aaron Watson show is that there's literally something for everyone! GO SEE HIM!

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